XRT Slim Program

Weight Loss - Metabolism - Lifestyle

  • Lose Dress Sizes While Increasing Your Metabolism
  • Learn Great Lifestyle Habits
  • One On One Training Every Week With Your Own Coach
  • Easy To Follow Nutrition Plan
  • Personalised Exercise Program Great For Any Fitness Level

If you have "tried everything" and still haven't had any long term success,
if you are looking for some serious weight loss and be able to keep it off quite easily
then this is your program. CHANGE YOUR BODY CHANGE YOUR LIFE

If you are looking for a program that takes care of all aspects of losing weight and improving your fitness, then look no further.

XRT Slim is an easy to follow "connect the dots” system that will not only have you looking great and feeling fantastic, but is also designed to significantly increase your metabolism, which of course means long term success!



There will be 130 minutes of exercise to achieve each week and you will have your own XRT Coach to oversee and map out your program for you. Some of your exercise will be done öne on one”with your coach each week and there will be some exercise that you will need to get done by yourself, however your coach will map that part out for you and of course show you how to do it.

You can elect to see your coach once, twice or three times per week, the more exercise that you do one on one with your coach, the less you will need to do by yourself. You just need to let us know how much support you need (everyone is different).


The strength of this program is in the fact that we take a holistic approach. Not only will your coach look after the exercise component for you, there is also a comprehensive healthy eating plan that is not only great for everyone in the family but is designed to fit hand in hand with what you will be doing in the gym.

It is important to note that this is NOT a crazy diet!

It consists of a healthy, well balanced diet with NORMAL everyday food. There are lots of choices for each meal.


Your very first session with your coach will be a double session (1 hour).

This session is about getting ready for the program and finding out where you are at the moment and your coach will talk you through what to expect in the coming weeks.

You will have a body composition test, centimeter measurements, fitness and strength tests. Your coach will then have a clear picture of where you are physically and can then map out your program accordingly (without throwing you in the deep end).

Your nutrition plan will be explained in detail and you will have your nutrition book and diary to go home with.


Your progress and results will be tracked closely, you will have an assessment every 4 weeks.

While everyone is different and results can vary from person to person, from a size point of view, we are typically seeing 2 to 3 dress/pants sizes at the completion of the program. Other results that can be expected are; increases in fitness and strength, muscle toning, increased energy levels and general health/wellbeing.

Probably the most important outcome that the program delivers is increased metabolism because it means that you will be able to easily maintain all of your fabulous results!




The program is an add on to your membership and cost is dependent on what level of support you would like.

There is a one off set up fee of 49.00 which covers the cost of the extra PT session you have on day one as well as your XRT Nutrition book and diary.

You can choose between 1, 2 or 3 PT sessions per week with your coach.

You can also choose between 3 different payment options. You can pay upfront for your program, you pay as you go via direct debit or you can pay for your program over 6 months on a payment plan.


XRT Slim Program with 1 PT session per week
Pay as you go via direct debit: 39.00 per week
6 month payment plan 19.50 per week


XRT Slim program with 2 PT sessions per week
Pay as you go via direct debit 78.00 per week
6 month payment plan 39.00 per week


XRT Slim program with 3 PT sessions per week
Pay as you go via direct debit 117.00 per week
6 month payment plan 58.50 per week


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