XRT Inferno Program


  • One on One Training every week with your own coach
  • Easy to follow Nutrition Plan
  • Buddy up with a friend to share the FUN and cost
  • Exercise Plan based around Functional Training
  • 10 Personal Training Sessions included

If you are looking to quickly get in shape by toning up and dropping body fat then look no further.

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What is the XRT Inferno program?
XRT Inferno is an 8 week program that is designed to challenge you and help you take your
fitness ability to the next level! All XRT Inferno sessions will include some functional
training and will be a moderate to high intensity depending on your current fitness level.
Don’t worry… your coach will look after you! Your coach will be tailoring you sessions to
your individual needs! 

What should I expect from my training sessions with my coach?
PAIN!! Bahahahahahah
Nah seriously.. expect to be pushed! You aren’t going to improve your fitness if you stay in
your comfort zone. Each session will be different and each session will be a little more
intense than the last, but don’t worry: you will be prepared for it! Your coach knows how to
safely increase the intensity of the workouts. 

What do I need to do the rest of the week, between my training sessions with my coach?
The workout your coach did with you during your last session is now your program for the
week, your job is to repeat that same workout at least two more times before your next
session with your coach. Each time you complete it, try to push yourself a little harder than
you did during your previous session. If you can, try not to repeat this workout two days in a
row. Try to spread these workouts out across the week.

How long are my training sessions with my coach?
Your first session with your coach was 1hr so you had time to do your assessment, go over
the XRT Inferno nutrition plan and your coach’s expectations of you for the program, and
complete your first training session: Inferno training 101. Between now and week 8 your
training sessions will be 30mins in length. In order to get the most out of your training
sessions we would recommend coming into the gym 10-15mins before your appointment
with your coach and warm up on your own, that way when your session begins you can go
straight into the workout itself. 

When will I do assessments with my coach?
Your coach would have done your first assessment during your first session and you will do
your next assessment in week 8. In week 8 your coach will book you in for an hour long
session so you will have time to do both your assessment and an Inferno training session.

What should I do for my nutrition?
Your coach will give you the XRT Inferno nutrition booklet during your first session
which opens out into a poster that can be displayed on your fridge. On the poster you will see
columns with options for breakfast, a mid morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and
dinner. The concept is simple: you choose from that column what you would like to eat for
that day. Want to have exactly the same meals every day? Go for it! Want to try something
different every day? Go for it! Some items you will like, some you may not like, our advice is
give everything a go! Don’t forget the most important component of your nutrition plan: your
food diary! Each week you will be expected to bring in your diary to show your coach your
efforts for the week, the more information you provide the more advice your coach can give
you. We recommend using the app My Fitness Pal on your phone, if you don’t have access to
this your coach will discuss with you other options. If you are vegan/ vegetarian or have any
nutritional requirements due to a medical condition talk to your coach.

I have a pre existing injury, can I still do the program?
If you have a current or previous injury or illness that may affect your training you MUST
make your coach aware of that injury or illness. In the majority of cases we can adapt the
exercises to suit your individual needs and you would be able to complete the program with
no problems. If your coach has a concern that your injury may be affected by the training
they may require you to see your GP, physio, chiropractor or other health practitioner for
advice before beginning the program. If at any stage in the program something does not feel
right, you must talk to your coach immediately.

My friend and I signed up to do the XRT Inferno program together, what does that

It means that you and your friend both have the responsibility of keeping each other on track!
Help to motivate your friend, cheer them on, provide a listening ear for when times get tough,
and celebrate your wins together! You and your friend are sharing the sessions so you will
need to book for when you are both available to train together. It is important to remember
that if one of you is not able to make a session and the other still attends the session, the
person who cancels cannot use a session that has already been used. 




Includes 10 PT sessions, first and last sessions are double sessions.

Program can be done individually or 2 people can team up and do the program together.


Pay up front

1 person          390.00         

2 people together           195.00 (each)


Pay as you go direct debit

1 person          78.00 upfront then 39.00 per week.

2 people together          39.00 upfront then 19.50 per week (each)




Looking And Feeling Great Is Just 8 Weeks Away!

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