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Posted by Balanced Health & Fitness on Monday, July 27, 2015
(Individual results may vary)

Look great and feel fantastic in just weeks!

Balanced Health & Fitness are offering people of all ages the opportunity to participate in the unique XRT Slim & Firm weight loss and fitness program.

Join the hundreds of men and women of all ages that have changed their lives forever by training just a few times a week for 40 – 45 minutes as part of this new system. Most people lose several kilos of body fat in just the first few weeks of this 16 week program. *

The XRT Slim & Firm program is designed to increase the individual's metabolic rate which burns body fat.

The program will also help to fight against osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and will improve the immune system.

Included in the program is an easy to follow healthy eating plan that is great for the whole family and is complete with lots of choices, recipes and weekly shopping lists.

Tracey Hughesman of Woodbridge who had to have her wedding dress reduced from size 16 to size 8, said "It's the first time I've got such great results so quickly without feeling hungry" (Individual results may vary).

Most other weight loss programs are just calorie controlled 'starvation' type diets. We know that approach just doesn't work, people just can't follow strict diets for ever. Up to half of the weight loss on these types of diets is muscle loss not fat loss, so when you stop dieting you have a slower metabolism than when you started and you end up right back where you began!

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"I lost 38kg and over 37cms off my waist, I feel fantastic!! Thank you Balanced!" *

* (Individual results may vary)

- Gail Colmer (Cooloongup)

"I've lost 18kg and 58cms overall since starting the XRT program" *

* (Individual results may vary)

- Rachel O'Brien (Leda)

The XRT Slim & Firm program is designed to strip off undesirable body fat while holding onto precious 'fat burning' muscle.

On the XRT Slim & Firm program you will have own XRT coach to support, motivate and guide you all the way with your exercise and nutrition. Some of the exercise is done one on one every week with your coach. There is a total of 130 minutes of exercise to do each week, which can easily be achieved in three visits to the gym per week (40-45 minutes).

Most people know that if they want to lose weight and keep it off they need to exercise and tidy up their eating habits. The problem is, they don't know how to go about it so they end up wasting time and effort (and often money too), on stuff that simply doesn't work.

This XRT Slim & Firm program takes all the mystery and guesswork out of the weight loss process. It works and it works very quickly! *

We tailor the program to each person so we will need to arrange a time for a chat to discuss your needs and goals.

The program is very affordable, however there are a number of ways to package the program so cost can vary from person to person. Just book a free conultation to discuss your needs and goals. The program and price structure will be explained to you in detail at that time.

Give us a call on 95922620 between 9.30am & 6.30pm on weekdays and 9.30am & 12.30pm on Sataurdays to book a time for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your goals. Don't wait for another Monday!

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* (Individual results may vary)

Gail Colmer training with her XRT coach.



"I've lost 25kg since I started the XRT Slim & Firm program!!" *

* (Individual results may vary)

- David Foreman (Warnbro)
No Starvation Dieting
No yucky meal replacement drinks
No magic pills
No false promises
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