XRT Muscle Program – Mass and Strength Builder

Bigger Stronger Better
Now you can gain MUSCLE and STRENGTH the easy way!

The XRT Muscle program is designed to systematically increase an individual’s lean muscle mass and strength in the shortest time possible

Proven System

Balanced Health & Fitness has a long history of excellence in the field of bodybuilding with many national and state champions and competitors choosing to train at Balanced over the years.

Over a period of time, it became apparant to us that some of our members were stuggling to achieve their desired bodybuilding results. Increasing lean muscle mass can be a tricky business. So we decided to design and make available, a "bullet proof" step by step training system to ensure that our members had to opportunity to reach their goals.

During its development stage this program was tested on several hard gainers, individuals that historically had found it very difficult to increase their muscle mass and strength, despite their best efforts and hard work over many years. The view was quite simple, if the program could dramatically increase the lean muscle mass and strength of these genetically disadvantaged individuals, then it would work for anyone. *

Every one of our test subjects showed significant increase in muscle mass and strength in just a few weeks.*

Since releasing the program a few years ago not one client that has followed the program has failed to achieve great results.*

* (Individual results may vary)

How it works

As an XRT Muscle client you will train three times per week for about forty minutes.  The program consists of three 6 week cycles. You will have your own XRT coach who will work with you through each cycle and ensure that you achieve fantastic results.
Everything in the program is mapped out for you from what exercises to do, how many sets and repetitions for each exercise to exactly how much weight to use during each workout. You will also receive your own nutrition diary as part of the program and will be given daily nutritional goals such as protein targets that are set specifically for you.    

No Guesswork

With this program there is no guess work and no wasted effort.  The XRT Muscle program uses a proven formula and is simple to follow. We urge anyone who would like to dramatically improve their physique and strength to get started on this program. It really works and it’s fool proof! *

* (Individual results may vary)

For more information on the program contact Balanced Health & Fitness
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